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There is the old village of Axylou which is signposted to the left of the new village. If you blinked while driving you could well miss Axylou and if you blink again you will certainly miss the signpost.

Getting there

Take the Paphos to Limassol motorway then turn off to Ayia Varvara. Bypass Ayia Varvara then follow the signs to Amargeti. After about 11 kms you should arrive at Axylou. At the signpost on the lower outskirts of the village turn left down a track to the old village. It's location is obscure but drive to the bottom of a hill where the road forks then take a sharp turn right. Either drive or walk along this track until you can see an access point on the bank to the right.

Looking around

If you clamber up the bank into a field you may be able to discern the piles of stones which are all that remains of the old village. Not much to see, but the flowers are usually good. It is probably best to return to the main road from here but on your way you will pass a hut constructed of concrete blocks and with a corrugated iron roof. Just past here is an abandoned Turkish Cypriot cemetery which is worth a sad look. Beyond the cemetery is a track leading over the brow of a hill and this may yield more flowers. Opposite the hut is a track up and alongside a vineyard and this track and the vineyard are often a rich source of wild flowers.

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