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Evretou General View.


This village was presumably evacuated because the impending reservoir would destroy much of the pasture land.


Getting there

From the Paphos to Polis road take the turn off to Simou. From here you have two choices. The first is to proceed up the hill then turn off to a water tower where a sometimes rough track leads down to the end of the reservoir. If the reservoir is not full nor the river in full spate you can cross a concrete bridge then head up to the village.

Another route is to proceed towards Simou but then take a left turn signposted to Sarama. At the bottom of the tarmacked road, before the stream, turn left on a vehicle track signposted to Evretou then at a fork in the track cross the stream again over a concrete bridge and proceed to the end of the reservoir.

Evretou School.

Looking around

There is not much to see here but it is a tranquil place for fishing and bird watching. The schoolhouse, about the only building with an intact roof, may be worth a visit. It is on the lower track just above the reservoir. There is no apparent mosque. Apart from that a drive or walk through the ruins will produce a pack of excited yapping dogs which, although noisy and seemingly threatening, will merely follow you until you are free of their environs.

From Evretou you may return the way you came or proceed to Trimithousa (not to be confused with the Trimithousa, which is near Paphos) and thence Peristerona. To get to Trimithousa drive back from the schoolhouse then at a left fork proceed uphill and around the top of the village.

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