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Apparently this is an abandoned Turkish Cypriot village but a visit there on a cold windswept day may cause you to think that there were other reasons for its abandonment.

Getting there

From Kathikas head towards Pano Arodhes, Kato Arodhes then Inia. Do not take the turnoff to Droushia but instead continue through Inia. Soon you will pass a very secure-looking military complex on your left. Continue past this until you come to a pergola at a fork in the road. Why the pergola is here is a mystery, but it's a good landmark. Fork right here then follow the new tarmacked road through Pittokopos. At the junction signposted Androlikou and Fasli continue straight on until it becomes a concrete or gravel road. About half a kilometre further, at a junction, is the entrance to the village .

Looking around

Walk up the rough track to the top of the village. There is evidence of recent renovation but then it would appear that some of these renovated houses have been re-abandoned. There does not seem to be a mosque but there is a schoolhouse with its toilets typically located in the far corner of a field. The schoolhouse is currently undergoing conversion. You can explore the ruins and ‘renovations’ and search for wild flowers at the top of the village then return on a circular route to your vehicle.

From Fasli you can return the way you came or drive down the track opposite the village to Androlikou thence Polis or Paphos.

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