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Abandoned Villages Introduction

There are many abandoned villages in Cyprus. Some were Turkish and have been abandoned as a result of the 1974 conflict. Others have been abandoned because the land has been claimed by reservoirs, land slippage or other geological problems.

Usually they are a rich source for wild flowers and usually abound in typicaly rural plants such as Ecballium elaterium (Squirting Cucumber), Hyoscyamus albus (White Henbane), Urtica pilulifera (Roman Nettle) … but many villages also offer an interesting view of a bygone rural age. Here you will find peace and tranquillity as you wander amongst the ruins away from the concrete and the busy roads of the coastal areas. 4 x 4 vehicles are not essential, except in very wet conditions, but they are advisable.

Some villages are so small that if they are in the same area several can be visited in one trip. For example: Evretou, Trimithousa, Instinjo, Melandra …. Others, such as Samara and Vrecha may be worth individual and more extensive visits.

Please note that translations from Greek place names into English vary considerably. Thus maps, and even road signs, are not always consistent.

Please also note that road conditions vary due to flooding, rock falls and wash outs.

Chronological lists of those plants found in Abandoned Villages are available on request via the Comments section of the Website.


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Agios Kononas Androlikou Axylou Ayios Photios Evretou Fasli Gerovasa Instinjo Kato Arkhimandrita Kholetria Lapithiou Magounda
Maronas Melandra Paramali Phalia Phinikas Pitargou Prastio Sarama Souskiou Statos Tera Theletra Trimithousa Trozena Vrecha Zakharia
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