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Kato Arkhimandrita

Kato Arkhimandrita Long Shot.
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The reasons for the abandonment of this village are obscure but it worth a visit for the beautiful surroundings.

Getting there

From the Paphos to Limassol motorway take the turnoff to Kouklia. Travel along the old road for a while then take the left turn into Kouklia. Almost immediately turn right to bypass the village then follow the signs to Arkhimandrita. After a fairly long but pleasant drive you will descend into a valley. Continue uphill to a round water tower on the right. From here descend on the concrete, and now partly tarmacked, road to the village.

Looking around

The church, as with most churches in Cyprus (however remote), is well maintained. Opposite and also down from here are recently built stone houses. Apart from these buildings the rest of the village is a pile of ruins. The attraction of Arkhimandrita lies in the surrounding countryside. If you drive back up the hill for about a kilometre you can take a track on the right which will wind round and down to a Y-junction. Here take the left fork to a T-junction then turn right and continue until you arrive at a fenced off orchard just before the river bed. If you park here and if you can walk across the river bed it is a pleasant walk alongside the river bed and up the valley. There are various turnoffs to the right and if you take one of these you may return to your vehicle via a higher track. From where you parked you can drive back up then left at the T-junction to descend to a concrete weir and a bridge over the river. Across from this bridge is an old stone built bridge which, if you like old stone built bridges, you can clamber through the undergrowth to examine.

Another route from the church leads down to crossroads just the other side of the river bed. The track to the left goes to nowhere in particular. The track ahead leads up the hill then over and down to Alektora. The most interesting track is that to the right which follows the river. At first it is a mere gravel road but later deteriorates into a vicious track which literally follows the river. It is worth the struggle however for soon you will driving up and alongside a spectacular gorge on your right. At the top of the hill the track bends left to follow a tributary gorge downhill towards Alektora. You may have to open, then close a few crude gates across the track but eventually you will arrive in Alektora from where you can proceed to Pissouri.

Kato Arkhimandrita Bridge.
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Kato Arkhinmdrita Church.
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