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Magounda Houses.


The reason for the abandonment of this village is obscure but it remains as an interesting short visit.

Getting there

From Polis head towards Argaka and Pomos. Before Argaka take a right turn to Magounda and Kinousa. Drive through the new village of Magounda then, about one kilometre past the gypsy camp of prefabricated huts take a left-hand turn downhill to Magounda.

Magounda Ficus Sycomorus.

Looking around

Two features are worth seeing. One is the remains of the mud brick houses which abound. The other is the large trees at the far end of the village. One tree has been preserved and fenced off by the Forestry Department. Unfortunately the Department failed to erect a notice naming the specie of the tree and it's history. It is in fact a Ficus sycomorus tree. Opposite this is a good example of a tall Parkinsonia aculeata tree.

From Magounda you can drive down the track to the reservoir, a pleasant place on the edge of the Paphos Forest, then drive along the side of the reservoir or meander into Argaka on the multifarious tracks.




Magounda Mud Brick Houses.

Magounda Parkinsonia aculeata.
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