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Plant Names

Name Description PartVariation
abelikea like Abele, populus
absinthifolia leaves like absinth Artemesia (wormwood)
Acacia akis + thorn = wattle
achyrophorus chaff bearing
aculeata/us spiny, with needles sharp leafacutifolius, acarna, acuminata
aequidentata equal toothed fruit
aestivus summer flowering
Aethiorhiza root tuber
agnus-castus agnos + castus, chaste
Ailanthus sky tree (Moluccan)
Aizoon everliving
alata winged, membranous outgrowth on fruit
alaternus unknown plant
alba/us/um white seedalbicans
albifrons white browed
Allium garlic
althaeoides resembling Althea, Hollyhock
Althea to heal
altissima very tall
alyssum madness cure
Amaranthus unfading, long-lasting flower
ambigua uncertain
amblyolepis blunt scales
Ambrosia fragrance, food of the gods
amethystinum amethyst colour, bluish violet
ampeloprasum vine + onion, in vineyards
amplexicaule/is stem embracing bracts + calyx bristles
Anacamptis brought together
anagallis - aquatica like Anagallis arvensis
Anagallis arvensis anagallo = to make happy
Anchusa rough whole plantAlkenna
angulata zigzag stem
angustifolium narrow leaved, slender
annua annual annuus
Anthemis chamomile floweranthos
Antirrhinum like a snout corolla shape
aparine clutch burr like fruit
Aphanes inconspicuous
apiculata pointed, short and sharp e.g. apex of a leaf
apifera carrying a bee
aquatica/us water loving
arborescens becoming tree-like, shrubby
arcuatus curved like a bow pod
Arenaria sand Arenarium
argentea silvery argentatus
arguta sharply toothed
Argyrolobium silver + leaflet
arietinum ramlike horn pattern on seed
Aristolochia best + childbirth
Arum snake-like flower shape
arvensis field growing
Aspalthium fragrant shrub
Asperula rough Asperugo, asper, aspera
Asphodelus planted on graves, accompany the dead Asphodeline
asterias star radiating pod, floretAster, Astericus
Asterolinon star + flax leaf shape
astragalus anklebone
Atractylis spindle flower head shape
aurea/us golden
autumnale autumn flowering
aviculare small birds eat seed
azedarach Persian, noble tree
azurea Arabic and Persian, sky blue
Bellis pretty
benedictus blessed, due to healing power
betonicifolius leaves like Betony
Bidens 2 teeth awn on fruit
bienne biennial
biflora 2 flowered
bifora 2 + gate, 2 small holes inside
Biscutella 2 little plates pod
bitumosum tarry
blanda charming
blepharicarpos eyelid fruit, winged pod
Bombycilaena silk coated
Borago burra, hairy garment rough leaf
botrys bunch of grapes inflorescence
brachyata arms, paired ascending side branch
Brachychiton short tunic calyx shape
brachypetalum short petals
bracteosa with bracts brevibracteata
brevicaulis short stalked flower
bryoniifolia bryony leaved
bucephalorus bull`s head fruit in profile
Buglossoides like ox tongue
bulbosa with bulbs
bullatus knobbly bubble-like leaf
Bupleurum cow`s rib
caerulea blue
caespitosum tufted
Calamintha beautiful mint
calcitrapa like a caltrop (spiked cavalry weapon)
Calendula one floret each day flower
Callitriche beautiful hair
Calycotome calyx + cut, hood, cap, veil, blanket calyxCalystegia
Campanula little bell
campestre of the plains, in fields campestris
cancellata chequered, reticulate inner phyllary
canescens greyish, hoary barkcanus, canum, canum
capitatus flowers in heads
caprinus goat caprifole
capriolata tendrils
Capsella box, purse fruit, capsule
caput-galli cock`s head pod form
Cardamine for cardiac ailments Cardopatium
Cardaria heart pod
Cardunculus little Carduus
Carpobrotus with edible fruit fruit (not in Cyprus)
Catananche by force
Centranthus spur flower
Cephalaria head
ceratocaprios horn and smoke
ceratocephala horn-headed Ceratonia
cerinthifolia leaves like Cerinthe
Chaenorhinum gape + snout, open mouth
Chamaepitys dwarf chamaepeplus
chamaesyce dwarf fig fruit
Chenopodium goose foot leaf shape
Chlamydophora wearing a tunic corona on fruit
chlorantha greenish yellow flower
Chondrilla a grain of corn dried sap
Chorchorus purify, purgative
Chrozophora carry
Chrysanthemum golden flower
chrysogonum gold-angled
cichonium stork like fruit beak
cicutarium cicuta = Hemlock (poisonous)
ciliaris hairy, fringed ciliata
cinerea ashgrey
circinnatus coiled fruit
cirrhosa curly fibres
Citrullus citron, lemon
clypeatrum with a buckler fruiting calyx
Clypeola round shield pod
Cnicus to prick, thistles
coccifera carrying cocci (scale insects)
collinus of the hills
colocynthia gut + move, cucumber
communis common
commutata differing, change
comosum with locks top knot of darker flowers
conglobatum massed together, clustered conglomeratus
connatum joined at birth upper leaf stalk
consolida make firm
constricta squeezed tight coils of podcompressus
Convolvulus to twine around
cordifolia heart shaped leaf
corniculata with a little horn capsulecorniculatus
cornutus horned cornigera
coronopus crow`s foot leaf shape
coronaria/ium garlands, crowns coronata
Coronilla little crown inflorescence
corymbulosum in a little spray, flattish-topped raceme flowercorymbosum
cotula cup
Crassula thick fleshy leaf
Crataegus strong timber
crenata scalloped, rounded teeth between notches lower lip
Crepis sandal leaf from sancta
crispum curled leaf
crista-galli cock`s comb, crested
Crocus true saffron
Crucianella cross leaves inwhorls of 4
Crupina to creep (Flemish) fruit on ground
culinaris of the kitchen
cuminoides like cumin
curtum short
curvidens with curved teeth
cyanophylla blue leaved
cymbalaria cymbal leaf shape
cynocrambe dog`s cabbage
Cynoglossum dog + tongue rough leaf
Cytinus Punica
cytisoides like genus Cytisus
Dactylorhiza finger + root tuber
dasyrum shaggy tailed calyx teeth
daucoides similar to Daucus (Carrot)
Delphinium dolphin flower shape
densiflora dense flower
dentata/us toothed, notched
diandra 2 stamens
Didesmus pair of handcuffs pod
didyma double, twins stamensDidynamia
diffusa spreading, scattered
dimorphocaulon with stems of 2 kinds, 2 forms in same species
dioica male + female separate on different plants flowerdioecious
Diplotaxis in 2 rows
disciformis disk shaped pod
discoidea disc-like fruiting calyx. Capitulum with no ray florets
discolor 2 coloured
dissectum cut up leaf
divaricatum with spreading branches
dolosum deceitful
domestica not wild
Dracocephalum dragon head corolla
dulcis sweet
Ecballium eject, expelling elaterium
echinatum prickly Echinophora
echioides like Echium (rough leaved)
Echium adder spotted stem
edulis edible
eleagnifolium like Eleagnus leaf of willow
Emex analogy, Rumex
Enarthrocarpos with jointed fruit
Ephedra seated, climbing over
Epilobium upon + pod flower on tip of ovary
equisetiforme like horsetail
Eriobotrya wool + bunch (grapes) eriosphaera
eriocephala woolly headed
Erodium heron fruit
erophila spring loving
ervoides like Ervum, legume
erythraea red
Eucalyptus well + cover snug operculum
exigua very small, slender
faba broad bean
falcata sickle-shaped upper bract
farcta stuffed spongy pod
ferocissimum the fiercest
ferulaceum rod like stem
fibrosa bulb tunic
ficaria figlike
Ficus sycamorus fig + mulberry
Filago thread, cottony hairs filiformis
fistulosus tubular leaf
flexuosa twisting
foenum-graecum fenugreek
foetida evil smelling
fragiferum strawberry bearing fruiting calyx
frondosa leafy
fruticosa/um shrubby
Fumana smoke Fumaria
fusca brown
Galium milk, curdling agent
geniculata knee bent zigzag stem
Geranium crane's bill fruit
Geropogon old man`s beard
giganteum giant
glabra hairless glaber
Gladiolus sword
Glaucium grey-green, bluish bloom leafglauca/us
globosum globose flower head
glomeratum compact, cluster short-stalked flower
Glycyrrhiza sweet root (liquorice)
gomphocephala swollen headed
gracile/is slender/graceful
granatum many seeded
grandiflora large flowered
graveolens heavy-scented
gruinum crane-like fruit beak
guttata spotted
Gynandriris female + male + Iris stamengynandrous
halimus maritime
Halocnemon salt + leg plant
halopeplis salt + robe or blankets
halophilus salt loving
hamosus hook shaped pod
haplophyllum with simple leaves
hederacea ivylike leaf
Hedysarum sweet smelling, Hedus Hedypnois
Helianthemum sunflower
Helichrysum sun + gold
Heliotropium sun + turn towards helioscopia
Helminthotheca worm, table
heterophylla various leaved leaf
Hippocrepis horseshoe-shaped pod segments
hircinum goaty smell
hirsuta/um hairy, long stiffish hairs hirsutissimum
hispidus/a bristly, strong hairs bristles hispidula
horizontalis horizontal flower
humifusum spread on the ground humilis
Hyacinthella diminutive of Hyacinth
hybrida/us intermediate
hygrophilum moisture loving
Hymenocarpos membranous fruited
Hymenolobus membrane-podded
Hyoseris pig`s chicory
Hypecoum lowly
Hypericum above + icon, under + heath
hypocistus beneath Cistus
hyssopifolia leaves like hyssop
imberbe beardless
inapertum not opened
incana hoary
inconstrictum not constricted perianth mouth
inermis unarmed, no spines
infectoria used by dyers
innoxia harmless
integrifolia with entire leaves
intermedia intermediate a species classified between others
intertexta interwoven pod
involucratus conspicuous involucre involucrata
Ipomaea woodworm + like twining stem
iva abortion herb
jonthlaspi violet + thlaspi
juncea/um rush like
kali alkali
laciniatum slashed, ragged leaf formlaciniata
Lactuca milk Lettuce genus
Lagoecia hair + house, nest around fruit
lagopus hare`s foot silky flowerhead
Lamium throat corolla
lancifolium leaves like a lance lanceolata
lantana like Viburnum
lanuginosum hairy, woolly lanigeralanata, lanatus, lanigera
lapathifolium sorrel like leaf
lappaceum bur like (as Burdock heads) as Burdock heads
latifolia broad leaved
Lavandula to wash myron = perfume
laxiflora loose flowered
lentiscus grow soft when chewed gum mastic
leontice lion`s claw, teeth Leontodon
leontopetalum lion petalled
leptoclades short stalked
leptophylla slender leaved
leuc-, leuco- white leucanthemum
Linaria flax, linum narrow leaf
linum-stellatum star + flax
Lithodora gift of the rocks
litoreum coastal
Lobularia small pod
longifolia/petala long petals/leaves
lucidum shining leaf
lunata moon shaped crescent pod
lupulina miniature hop flower pod cluster
luteola yellowish lutea
Lycium thorny shrub
Lythrum blood
macrocarpa large fruit
macrosepala large sepals
macrostachya long spiked
maculatus blotched spotted leafmaculata
malacoides like mallow leaf
majus/major large
manipuliflora handful + flower, cluster
margaritaceum pearl like flower
marianus Mary`s milk splashes marianum
maritima/us/um coastal marina
matricaria matrix + womb
maxima largest
media intermediate flower size
Melia Ash, Fraxinus leaf resemblance
Melilotus honey + lotus clover-like leaf
Melissa honey bee
membranacea membranous
Mesembryanthemum midday flower flower
micranthus small flowered micrantha
microcarpa/phylla small fruit/leaves
Micromeria small parts
millefoliatus/um 1000 leaved Myriophylum
minima smallest minor,
mitissima very soft
molle soft
monantha single flowered
monogyna one + female one styled plant
moschatum musky
morio buffoon, jester`s cap colours moria
mucronata pointed
multiflorus many flowered
multisiliquosa many podded
murale/is of the walls
muricatus spiny, set with sharp points
Muscari musk scented
Myosotis mouse-ear leaf
myrtifolia like myrtle leaves
myxa slime, mucus-like viscid fruit
nana dwarf
Nasturtium nose + twist smell
Neatostema lowest + stamen attached low on flower
neglectum neglected until named
nervosa veined leaf
nigrescens/nigra going black darkveined leafletnigra/um
nivalis in snow of Syrian Mts.
nobilis excellent
nocturnum of the night
nodiflorum flowering at stem nodes flowering joint
nodosa knotted
notata with markings conspicuous flower lobe
nutans nodding
obtusifolium blunt leaved
ochrus pale yellow flower
Odontites tooth
odorata fragrant
officinale/is pharmaceutical
oleander like an olive, stiff, evergreen leaf
oleioides like an olive tree oleifolium
oleracea/us of the kitchen garden leaf
olitorius of the kitchen garden leaf
olusatrum black herb, aromatic
Onobrychis ass + gulp
Onosma ass + smell
Opopanax resin + all heal gum resin
opulifolium many leaved (Maple) leaf
orbicularis with a little orb pod
orchis testicle
orientale/is eastern
Ornithogallum bird + milk
ornithopodioides like a bird`s claw pod shapeOrnithopus
Orobanche Vicia + strangle, parasitic habit
Otanthus ear flower 'ears' on fruit
ovata oval inflorescence
Oxalis acid, sharp
palladiflora pale flowered
palustris of the marshes
paralias by the sea
Parietaria wall
Paronychia against + fingernail
parviflora/us/um small flowered/leaved parvifolia
passerina sparrow`s tongue shape of fruit
patula spread out
pecten - veneris Venus's comb, beak-like tooth fruit
pedicellare with flower stalks
pelecinus axe like
peltatus with shields leaf
pendulum hanging
pentapetaloides as if with 5 petals
peplus as peplis peplis, Portulaca, portulacoides
peregrina/us foreign, through the field plant
perennis perennial plant
perfoliata/um through the leaves perforatum
pes-caprae goat`s foot
petiolata with stalked leaves leaf
Petroselinum rock + parsley
Phagnalon anagram for Gnaphalium
Phyla tribe many flowered head
Physalis root bladder inflated calyx on ground
Physanthyllis bladder flower swollen calyx
Phytolacca plant + lac (scale) insect plant
picroides bitter plant
picta painted under petal
pilulare pill like flower head
piluliferae bearing little balls fruit
planiflora with flat flowers
plantagineum plantain like basal leaf
Plumbago lead, bluish flower
polita polished, bright colour flower
Polycarpon many fruit
polyceratium many horned pod cluster
Polygala much milk plant
Polygonum many angled zig zag stem
polymorpha in many shapes or forms
populneus like a poplar
porphyreum purple colour
potentilla powerful (medicinally)
praecox early in the season
prolifera a spreading fast, abundant
procumbens lying flat, prostrate prostrata
pseudoacacia false acacia fruit and leaf
pseudocotula false cotula (cup) fruit
Pseudorlaya false Orlaya fruit, flower
Pteranthus wing-flowered
Pterocephalus wing-headed bract + calyx bristle
Ptilostemon with feathered stamens stamen
pubescens downy plant
pulchra beautiful hair pulcher, pulchellum
Pulicaria fleabane Pulegium
pulverulenta finely powdery
punctata dotted, pitted flowerpunctulata
purpurea/us/um purple flower
pusilla/um very small pumila
pycnocephalus compact head flower
pyramidata pyramidal capitula
ramocissimum much branched flowerramosa, ramiflora
raphanistrum like radish plant
reclinata bent down, recumbent pods
recutita naked receptacle (no scales)
regia royal
repanda wavy edged leaf
repens creeping plant
Reseda to heal
resedifolia leaves like Reseda leaf
resupinatum inverted floret
retroflexus bent back
rhoeas pink, red flower
Rhagadiolus chink, slit half closed achene
Ricinus sheep tick seed
rigida stiff plant
Rosmarina bush + fragrant scent
rostrata beaked pod
Rosularia rose rosette of basal leavesrosea (pink)
rotundifolium roundleaved leaf
ruber red stem
rubrifolium red leaved red-striped leafrubrovittatum
rugosa/um wrinkled fruit
Rumex chewing, ruminate leaf
rupestris of the rocks rupestre
Sagina fattening (fodder)
sagittata arrowed leaf shape
salicifolium willow-leaved leafsaligna
Salicornia salt + horn plantSalsola
salviifolius sage leaved leaf shapeSalvia (saviour)
Sambucus stringed instrument, harp
sancta holy, hood profile sanctus
Santolina holy flax
sativa/us/um cultivated
Saxifraga stone breaker rootsaxatilis
Scabiosa scabies cure plant
scabrum rough, with projecting points scabra
Scolopax Woodcock flower lip
scolymus thorn, prickle
Scorpiurus scorpion tail podscorpioides
Scorzonera viper (cures bites) root
Scrophularia for treating scrofula nodular tuber
scutatum with a shield fruiting calyxscutellata
Scutellaria scutella (=dish) calyx flapscutellum
securidaca like an axe handle fruit
Sedum sit, low squat habit (house leek) sediforme
segetum of the cornfields
semi-baccata half berry like fleshy fruit
semi-compositum semi-compound inflorescence
sempervirens ever living
Senecio old man`s beard grey pappus
sepium of the hedges
serrata saw toothed leafserratula
setaceum silken, bristle slender flowerstalkseta
setigerum bristle-bearing setosa
sideritis iron
siliqua pod podsiliquastrum
simia ape like flower
simplex simple, unbranched
sinuatus/um wavy leaf
Smilax scratching implement
Smyrnium myrrh, due to scent
soda sodium compounds
somnifera sleep inducing fruit
speculum - veneris Venus's looking-glass, mirror
Spergularia scatter seedspergula
sphacelata dark speckled, shrunken
sphaericus spherical seed
sphegodes wasp like shape of lip
spicata in a spike inflorescencespicatum
spinosa/um spiny/most spiny stem, leaf, fruitspinosissimum/us
spiral/helix wound round, coil shoot, cone
Spiranthus coil + flower inflorescencespiralis
spumosum frothing, foam, scum fruiting head
squamatus scaly podsquarrosa
Stachys spike inflorescence
stamineum conspicuous anthers inflorescence
Stellaria star flower shapestellatum/us
Steptorhamphus crowned + beak achene beak with crown
stipulatum with stipules stipularis
stolonifera with stolons root shoot
stramonium goitre seed, leaf
strangulata choked constriced pod
strictum straight and narrow plantstricta, strictus
strigosa/um rough, stiff haired, bristle leaf, stem
strobilaceum cone like, chain of segments scaly part of female flower
strumarium cushion-like swelling
styraciflua flowing with styrax (balsum) resin from cut bark
subovatum almost ovate leaf
subterranean underground fruit
suffocatum suffocated, downtrodden
sulcatus furrowed, grooved pod
supinum prostrate
sylvestris of woods
Taraxacum bitter herb root
telephioides prostrate, small leaved
Telmissa bag succulent leaf
tenella delicate tenerrimus
tenuifolia/us narrow leaved, slender tenuiflora/um
terebinth turpentine tree
tereticornis cylindrical horned, smooth
terrestris on the ground, sprawling
testiculata with testicles twin globose fruit
Tetragonolobus 4 angled pods fruit
tetragyna 4 female parts flower
tetrandra 4 male parts flower
tetraphyllum 4 leaved tetraphylla
Thlaspi flat pod
Thymelea thyme + olive
thymifolia thyme-leaved leaf
tinctorum of the dyers tinctoria
tomentosum felty, matted, cottony
Torularia torulose, beaded pod
Trachonitum rough + web hairtufts on seed
trachycarpa rough fruit
Tragopogon goat`s beard fruiting head
tribracteatum 3 bracts inflorescense
Tribulus thorny plant
trichopodum hair, stalked
tricolor 3 coloured
tricornatum 3 horned fruit
tricuspidata 3 pointed, 3 cupped pod
tridactylites 3 fingered leaf
tridentata 3 teeth leaf
trifoliatum/a 3 leaflets triphyllos
Trigonella 3 cornered cross section of pod
trigynum 3 female parts flower
trionam of ploughing oxen
triquetrifolium triangular leaved
trixago teucrium species 3 flowers in axil of leaf
truncatula truncate, cut short, lopped leaflet
tuberosus/um with a tuber root
turbinata like a spinning top pod
umbellatum in an umbel flower
Umbilicus navel dimpled leafumbilicata
uniflorum single flowered
unisiliquosa single podded
urens burning
Urospermum tail + seed beaked achene
usitatissimum most useful
Valeriana healthy, leaves like Valerian valarianifolia
Valerianella little valerian
variegata variegated corolla standard
ventricosa paunchy fruiting calyx
venulosa little veins sepal wingvenosa
vera true
Verbena ceremonial branches
verna springtime
verrucosum warty fruit
verticellata whorled verticillaster
vesicaria with a little blister bladder calyx
villosa/um shaggy, hairy
viminea withylike, tough willow stem
Vinca bind rope like stem
virgata rod like, twiggy sterile branchvirgatum
viridis green
viscosa sticky, viscid
vulgare/is common
vulvaria like the vulva
Xanthium yellow
Xeranthemum dry flower, everlasting
ziziphus jujube, buck thorn Ziziphon
Zygophyllum yoke + leaf paired leaflets
carduus thistle
monoecius separate male + female flowers on same plant flower
elaterium an ejected juice (elaterin) fruit
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