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Paramali General View.


The new village of Paramali lies just off the Paphos to Limassol motorway. The abandoned village lies above.

Getting there

Take the motorway from Paphos to Limassol then turn off for Paramali. At the T-junction at the bottom of the slip road turn right then at a crossroads opposite a taverna on the right turn right to drive under the motorway. Follow the vehicle track through a grove of ancient knarled olive trees, take the right-hand fork then cross a concrete bridge and drive up to the village.

Paramali Graves.

Looking around

The village is used as a training area by the British army but unless there are any manoeuvres taking place you are free to walk around the ruins. Before and below the village is the graveyard set on pleasant slope overlooking the valley below. There are a few elaborate graves marked with stone or marble structures. The poorer peoples' graves are marked by crude headstones and depressions in the ground. The strange thing is that near the perimeter fence are several unused graves. Perhaps these were dug as a job lot for future inhabitants - buy now, die later?

In the village the only preserved building is the mosque which is out of bounds to the military. The gate is locked but if you climb over the fence the door to the mosque is unlocked.

If you drive through the village and down past the goat farm you will be on rough vehicle track which criss-crosses the stream several times then becomes a dead end at a water pumping station and small weir. This is a pleasant valley which usually yields many undisturbed wild flowers.

You can return from Paramali via the motorway. Alternatively descend to the new village turn left then turn right then hit the beach. You can also turn right in the new village then head towards Avdimou and Kyrenia beaches or to Pissouri.

Paramali Graves.

Paramali Mosque Interior.

Paramali Mosque.
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