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Phinikas, General View.
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This village was abandoned because of the construction of the Asprokremnos reservoir which threatened the surrounding pasture land and even the village itself.


Getting there

From the Paphos to Limassol motorway take the exit to Agia Varvara. Head towards Amargeti but at the top of the hill turn right to Nata. Proceed through the village then wind down the hill following the signs to Kholetria. Just before the ford across the river turn right on the lower track which will take you to a water works. Here, turn left then right onto the top track above the river. Continue following the river and fork right until you reach the village. Another route is to take the first Airport exit from the motorway then drive along the old road to Timi and Anarita, then towards Nata until you see a sign to Kholetria. Before the ford follow the route indicated above. A further route is to continue along the old road then take the turnoff to Nikoklia. At the top of the hill take the road to Kholetria, drive past the village then follow the signs to Nata. At the bottom of the hill, after crossing the ford follow the route indicated above.

Looking around

Most of the buildings are roofless, windowless and doorless but the extent of the village with it's schoolhouse is still clear. There is not much plant life here, most it having been eaten by goats, but if you cross the track opposite the village you can clamber up a cleft in the hills and this should yield many flowers.

From the village you can proceed along the track towards the dam but above the reservoir are many confusing tracks so you may hit a few blanks as you search for the dam. Alternatively, you can drive back the way you came but, if you wish to see more wild flowers, drive back along the track then just after a white and blue pumping station, turn left then left again. Follow the track uphill past a house on the right and another small house on the left. At the top of a steep rise turn right into a field then park. This area is a rich source of wild flowers many of which, at the right time of year, are orchids. About two hundred metres up the track on the left is a prehistoric graveyard which has been excavated but now lies overgrown.

Whatever, the views are good.

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