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Pitargou General View.


This is a relatively large abandoned Turkish village now mostly taken over by a goat herder.

Getting there

From Paphos take the road to Polis then at the top of the long hill take the road to the right which is signposted to Tsada. Bypass Tsada village then Kallepia village. Drive through Letimbou then take a right-hand turn signposted to Pitargou along a tarmacked (for some reason) road into Pitargou.

Pitargou Houses.

Looking around

This is a fly and dog infested place, no doubt due to the proliferation of goats.

The dominant feature is the white-painted mosque. Unfortunately this is surrounded by a crude fence and, even if you gain access through this, the mosque is full of straw bales. Although some of the ruined buildings are also surrounded by crude fences others are accessible and give an indication of what used to be.

From the village you can return the way you came or descend to the river bed. This can be difficult because there are so many diverging tracks leading down. The best way is probably to take the track below the village then drive down, keeping the mosque on your right, until you are near the river bed where Alnus orientalis (Alder) and Platanus orientalis (Plane) trees provide welcome shade beside the stream. Here you can turn left and head back to the main road which runs between Letimbou and Khoulou or turn right and head towards Episkopi. If you turn left be prepared to ford the river a few times but do not attempt this route in wet weather. If you turn right you should arrive at a crossroads below Episkopi. From here you can drive to the left towards Nata and Ayia Varvara or drive to the right then through Episkopi village before heading for Marathounda and Paphos.

Pitargou Houses.

Pitargou Mill in the river valley.

Pitargou Mosque.
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