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This village is part of a chain of ex-Turkish Cypriot villages which extends up to Lyso.

Getting there

From the Paphos to Polis road take the turnoff to Simou. Before Simou is a turnoff to Sarama. Descend on a tarmacked road to the valley floor and here turn right onto a vehicle track. Before doing this you may wish to visit the mediaeval Skarfos bridge which is signposted on the way down the tarmac road. Just along the vehicle track is another signpost to a ruined mill which also may be worth a visit. From here there are two tracks to Sarama, the first signpost announces that it is one and a half kilometres and this road leads into Sarama to a T-junction just below the mosque. The valley is quite pretty so it is probably better to follow the river course until another signpost announces that Sarama is merely half a kilometre, the only problem being that you have to negotiate the ever-changing gravel tracks through the quarry. Another route is to take the Paphos to Polis road but turn off to Lyso. After Peristerona take the road signposted to Philousa and Samara.

Sarama Mosque.
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Looking around

This won't take long. There are very few buildings. The village was inhabited mainly by goats and hens and the old lady who lived there has probably passed on but now a young man seems to be renovating one of the houses with the assistance of his pack of yapping snarling but harmless dogs. There is a simple green and white painted mosque and that is about it.

But if you descend again to the river you can continue upstream. It is a beautiful drive. You may be lucky and see moufflon, especially early in the morning or late in the afternoon when they come down to the river to drink. After a few kilometres you should arrive at a vague crossroads near a large open 'field'. Left and across the river leads eventually to Lyso. The track uphill leads to Anadhiou then Kannaviou. The track more or less straight ahead has a No Entry sign and if you walk up from here you will see why. But the walk will be worth while. The track overlooks a gorge to the left and hugs cliffs to the right. There are many wild flowers on the track and hanging from the cliffs and if flowers are what you came for you can easily spend an hour or so here.

You may return by reversing either of the routes you arrived on. Another choice is to drive down the slope then across the stream. Follow the track until you arrive at the main road from Lyso to Stavros then turn left for Lyso. From Lyso follow the signposts to Polis or Paphos.

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