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Trozena Long Shot.
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This village is another mere dot on the map (some maps) and it seems strange why it is signposted at all. Sign posts and maps seem to be confused as to which village is Gerovasa and which is Trozena.


Getting there

From the Paphos to Limassol motorway take the turnoff to Mandria then proceed along the old road for about two kilometres before taking the turn to Nikoklia. Bypass Nikoklia, drive through Fasoula, bypass Mamonia, drive through Ayios Yeoryious then bypass Kithasi. When the road turns to the right and uphill take the road to Trozena, Gerovasa and Dora. On this road the tarmac runs out after a while for about two kilometres. In wet conditions it can be very slippery. If you don't blink you should see the village just down a slope on the right. Another route is to take the motorway but turn off for Kouklia. Head for Arkhimandrita then Dora. A few kilometres past Dora, Trozena or Gerovasa is signposted to the left down a tarmac road.

Trozena School.

Looking around

The houses are totally derelict and overgrown. The only building worth exploring at all is the roofless, windowless school which lies behind a group of pine trees above the road. There are not even many wild flowers in this area but the setting, in the valley, is idyllic. In wet weather water cascades down a cliff to feed the river below but beyond the waterfall towards Gerovasa the river appears to be dry.

You can return the way you came or drive up the valley across a long metal bridge to Gerovasa thence Dora.

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